Alice H. Kim

Aspiring Artisan, Present

Software Engineer - Audible on Alexa, Audible, 2017 - 2019

Mathematics and Computer Science, Bowdoin College, 2017

Hello there! Welcome to my humble website, designed and built by me. I am an aspiring artisan, who can’t decide which craft I want to dedicate myself to. I find beauty in everything the earth produces, making it extremely difficult to choose one medium over another. I love all that is natural, authentic and slow.

This is a space where I document samples of the various arts and trades I explore.

My Story

I call the greater Seattle area my home, and was raised by immigrant Korean parents. While growing up in a lower income family navigating its American Dream, education was emphasized relentlessly. Although I had early artistic interests, they were consistently dismissed and considered hobbies at most. My parents assumed art would take time away from my studies and the “more important” academic extra-curriculars I was involved in, such as .. math team (which, I will say, I thoroughly enjoyed).

My artistic itch and desire to work with my hands persisted. It started with learning how to knit stockinette from my grandma when I was nine years old. My curiosity led me to search for cable knit and more advanced patterns on youtube, progressing from hats to socks to sweaters. I took a couple visual arts and pottery classes in high school, continuing to take studio art classes in drawing and painting in college — only ever as extracurricular classes, after I had filled my more relevant math or computer science courses.

My senior year in college, I landed a software engineering role, following the trajectory my parents wanted for me. Right out of college, I was already making more than my parents combined. While working, I had time to take drawing, soldering, jewelry making and woodworking classes which appeased my artistic appetite. So, why ever leave the comfy, free food filled and flexible hours tech life, right?

With all that time and money, I found myself turning to artisanal fine jewelry and designer furniture. “I’m supporting local artists!” I would tell myself, defending an indulgent ceramics haul. Whenever I spoke to an artist, I asked them how they decided to do art full time or open their first shop. I admired their courage and fantasized about being in their shoes.

After two and a half years in tech, I came to a point where I asked myself, “do I really want to do be doing this forever?” and “what’s the point of having this much money?” So, I decided to quit my tech job, take some time off, and move from Boston to sunny Los Angeles where I would explore a more artistic career. I have many (too many) ideas for what I want to learn and how I want to develop. Having time to imagine has been liberating and exhilarating. Where I end up… we shall see!

A suivre…